Lync 8 Project

Chad and Chandi Mayes,

Puerto Rico


The LYNC8 Project is a Christian non-profit organization that provides college students, young adults and others with a cross cultural experience in Puerto Rico. We are an organization that works in the area of meeting the needs of the local communities. 

These needs include:

•Home restoration

•Food distribution 

•Sports camps

The cross cultural experience is diverse and dependent upon the needs of the local people. 

We mobilize people by going to places within the U.S. and Puerto Rico to engage with people who are trapped in a life of hopelessness. Our teams are groups consisting of 8-20 people willing to go into these areas to meet the people in their environment. The teams will assist in growing relationships and serving the individuals and communities, all the while meeting the needs of anyone they encounter along the way. We utilize the ongoing efforts of sports ministries, faith-based organizations and everyday individuals who are engaged in providing a better life for others.

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